Bright Dawn Foundation was established in 2010 as a registered Thai foundation to provide healthcare and educational support for low income Thai primary school children. Check out our programs below:

Health Care Programs

10 years ago, nearly a third of the children were malnourished. 2019 medical check-ups indicate 99% of the children are in good health.

School Meals Program:

Our health care support programs involve the provision of over 1,200 School Meals a day with the following features:

  • An increased food allowance in order to provide breakfast and lunch for all students during school days.
  • A menu prepared by a qualified nutritionist to ensure the children receive a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Provision of clean drinking water.
  • A reasonable contribution by the school to the cost of the enhanced School Meal Program.
  • Renovation, if necessary, of the kitchen and canteen areas, which are often in a state of disrepair.

Medical Checkups Program:

  • Provision of annual medical checkups and eye tests for all children by doctors from Mahachaipetcharat Hospital to monitor the impact of the School Meal Program on the health and well-being of the children.
  • Child development testing for children up to the age of 6 years.  This test is designed to identify children with special physical, learning or social interaction problems so that teachers can take special care of these children.
  • First Aid training for teachers and provision of well stocked first aid rooms at each school.
  • We also provide dental kits for all the children each term.
  • Additional Clothing

    Cleanliness is an issue constantly raised at the annual medicals. This is partly a result of a lack of clean clothing. The Government only fund one school uniform, and many parents are not able to afford any extra clothing. To help this problem we supply additional clothing for the children.


    Educational Programs

    Our educational support programs are focused on computer skills and basic English Language capability.  We believe that if the children have computer skills and a basic English capability, their job prospects, when they leave school, will be much brighter

    English Language Program

    The main objective of this program is for the children to be able to speak, listen and understand simple sentences or questions in English conversation with confidence.

    The purpose of this objective is vocational rather than academic and intended to enable the children to get a better job when they leave school.

    The secondary objectives are to assist the efforts of the school directors and English language teachers to improve official English language exam results. And to develop the ability of the local English language teachers to conduct classes independently by adopting teaching methods used by the Bright Dawn teachers.

    Inspiration projects / summer camps are part of our English program. Our first inspiration trip was to Suvarnabumi airport. The objective of the trips is to show the students the importance of English for their future careers.

    Computer Skills Program

    We have installed computer classrooms in all our schools.  These facilities allow the children to learn the basic computer skills and give them access to the internet and distance learning programs relevant to the subjects they study at school.

    Each of the schools has made computer literacy a key part of their regular curriculum. All children are now given regular computer lessons.

    Our program objective is to use the computer classrooms to enhance the educational attainment of the children and eventually integrate technology into regular classes.

    Reading & Practical Vocational Life Skills

    Our organization has recently expanded its vision to include a focus on reading and vocational skills. We are very keen to encourage the students to read more books, both Thai and English, as reading is very important for a child's development.

    In addition to traditional academic subjects, we aim to identify latent talents among the students and equip them with practical skills that will serve them well in the future. For example, we are exploring opportunities to introduce our students to the field of agriculture, which will not only provide them with hands-on experience but also teach them about the importance of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

    We are also looking into ways to incorporate arts and crafts into a creative club, as this will not only foster creativity but also help our students develop fine motor skills and patience.

    Ultimately, our goal is to identify latent talent and / or give the students practical skills for later in life.

    Special Projects

    Each year we will consider special projects that will enhance our other projects. We have built computer rooms, libraries and new classrooms as well as renovating existing buildings that are in a bad state of repair.

    Computer room at Nong Hieng

    Sports Gym at Nong Kra Toom

    Library building at Wang Both

    New library building at Nong Kra

    Canteen extension at Huay Sai Ngam

    New classrooms at Nong Kra Toom

    Social Events

    It is not all about healthcare and education. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

    Annual Sports Day

    2012 saw the inaugural Bright Dawn Annual Sports Day where all our schools compete against each other in a variety of athletic and sporting endeavours. However, it is really much more of a gala festival than a simple sports day. From torch processions, marching bands, cheerleaders, traditional dancing to the competition itself, it is an extravaganza of fun and colour. An all inclusive day where the kids, their parents, the teachers, the school directors and the Bright Dawn staff all have a ball.In addition to our inspiration and sports days we organise a fun day every year, be this to the cinema or the water park.

    Annual Fun Day

    We organise a fun day every year, be this to the cinema or the water park. Not surprisingly, these days are a favourite with the kids but also they go a long way to maintaining the socially inclusive relationship amongst the kids, teachers, directors, parents and the Bright Dawn Team. 

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