About Us

Bright Dawn is a private Thai Charity Foundation, which provides educational and health care support to over 500 Thai children attending primary schools located in poor rural villages in the area surrounding Hua Hin, Thailand.

We do this because we believe that a good education and good health are essential to any child fulfilling their potential. We discovered during our field visits to several rundown and neglected schools the sad fact that these children are often malnourished with the result that they are too tired and hungry to study and their health is being damaged. We believe that if the children are well fed and healthy and get a better education, then they will have the chance to break out of rural poverty and lead a fuller life. Hence, our motto:

 A Hand Up Not A Hand Out

Since the charity commenced its operations in 2010, we have been able to ensure that at least 90% of donations are used directly for the benefit of the children and their teachers. Less than 10% of expenditures go towards overhead or administrative costs. Bright Dawn pays no salary or other income to its management and volunteers.

We rely entirely on private donations to fund our programs. If you like what we do , you can donate money by clicking the donate button above


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